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Six of Six

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PostSubject: Re: Daask   Thu Dec 21, 2006 8:22 pm

Gareth wrote:
Dave W wrote:

We are advance adventurers who use sigificant money and pull to get a stately house in a rich part of Sharn. Given our history here espeically with Boromar, an invite isn't unusual. It is probably the openning of a long campaign of intrique.

"Do you have a relationship with Boromar outside of our relationship with Boromar. And please do not attempt to use your game of intrigue or guile with me. I may not play the game, but I am very skilled at detecting it" Waiting for a second "And let us not forget, we are powerful and we should not start acting like a group like the Boromar's are godlike. Believe me when I tell you they feel they have a lot more to lose then we do and they will not bring attention to themselves. We have some reporters who would be glad to report the Boromar's are sending assassins at us. That piece of information is more then likely to destroy the public face of the clan."

Dave W wrote:

I've seen their are laws on the books and laws people follow. Sometimes they are the same, but you need to know both sets to be effective at operating in a society. Considering Boromars abilities, knowing what the sets are is crucial before you act.

"What laws, on the books, have you seen? I have spent many hours in the library studying law and when have you been there? Also, what "laws people follow" are you talking about? Are you trying to hint at the underworld? Those are not laws, those are whims that change as fast as a persons nature does. Those so-called laws are based on desire, greed and corruption - and laws like drug dealing, harassment of innocents, extortion and more will not be followed by me - and they are against the written law - the one that puts you in jail.

Dave W wrote:
As far as thinking of other, its the people you know I was referring to; Bodo, Lalia, Trista, Luna's childern etc. We don't have a good track record of protecting people envolve with our adventures. Also as I've said deatlh is not the only way of retribution. Given the way things work here, opponents might mess with us just because its fun.

"Yes Boromar, or anyone else can come after the people we know - and the Silver Flame help them if they do - because nobody else will be able to. They know this, and we know this. They know that touching our kin will cause more havoc and damage to them then what happend on that island adventure we went to. You know this also."

"Our public face, our prowess, and our contents gives us a broad shield. Our unyielding compromise of the right thing to do will protect us. Consorting and working with the forces of evil, and we all agree Boromar and Daask are evil, will do nothing but weaken us in the eyes of those who can most help us. Again, do you have a relationship with Boromar outside of what the group has - are there any pieces of information that you have which I and/or the rest of the group does not have? If you cannot trust us with this information, how can you trust us in the field of battle?"

OOC: With a roll of a four for a total of five Char check...

Six looks stunned.

Nothing with Boromar.
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PostSubject: Re: Daask   Thu Dec 21, 2006 8:31 pm

I don't follow, stunned look for what?
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