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 Magia Obbligatoria Eccellente

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Six of Six

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PostSubject: Magia Obbligatoria Eccellente   Wed Dec 20, 2006 2:38 pm

There is a theme running through the stuff we been through that I'm calling Super Binding Magic. Thats where powerful enities bind to inanimate objects, mostly dragonshards, or near inanimate objects, us, producing effects unknown to any other magic types. We need to get a better handle on the this whole area before it grabs us again. To research this is very dangerous as the present pratitioners closely guard the info as to what they do. Primarily because this info was 'discovered' not developed and I think they really don't know what they are doing. The gnome ships, warforge and dragonmark activations are very haphazzard. Please spellcasters start looking at the way and means of the binding magic. I am going to talk to the psionic folk (forgot thier names) to see if they made any progress with the quiruo infestied items.
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Magia Obbligatoria Eccellente
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