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 Defense of Flamekeep

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PostSubject: Defense of Flamekeep   Fri Oct 16, 2009 11:32 pm

The defense of Flamekeep

General Idea
Slow the army until the flood attack is ready.
Rope trick mines and skirmishers to harass army.

A piece of Stormkeep Mountain is used to create a wave to flood the basin outside of Flamekeep.
Spells are used to channel the resulting wave.

New - Counter Attack. After the wave disrupts the army outside Flamekeep, there is a counter attack to destroy the remaining army and giant snake. The counter attackers have to be mobile and able to navigate a flooded plain. We need a special strike force to kill the snake.

Shil is in the Details
Inquiries here, answers will change the details of our plans. Depending on the answers the particulars can change. Stay with the goal of any tactic and not the tactic itself.

What are our estimates on itís hit dice, AC , attacks, defenses. Does our soul sharing with it allow for anything exploitable, immunity from itís magic negation or damage sharing perhaps.

Since magic is neutralized, can we get powerful non magic troops. Barbarian orcs on dinosaurs wielding monks might work.

Can an airship hit the snake from two thousand feet with any kind ordinance? We have reports of the magic neutralization field out to fifteen thousand feet, so two thousand should be outside of its range.

Do we have any flying troops available? We need CAP (combat air patrol) for the airships and close air support for the counterattack.

On another matter, we should rename the Grey House, say Apotheosis, or Paradise or Pair-of-Dice.
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Defense of Flamekeep
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